Monday, October 30, 2006

OhioLINK 10 million unique titles

Last week Candi Clevenger sent out an email detailing the 10 Millionth book unique book entered in the OhioLINK catalog. Putting this into perspective, Candi mentions an interesting FAQ:

"To visualize how many items 45.5 million is, imagine a bookshelf that stretches from Columbus to Portland, Maine. That would be 878 miles of shelf space, just twenty miles short of the amount needed to accommodate all 45.5 million items.*"

"*Using an average book width of 1.25 inches, 45.5 million books lined up side-by-side on a bookshelf would cover a distance of 898 miles. The distance from Columbus, Ohio to Portland, Maine is 878 miles according to"

To learn more about this milestone read What's New: Now Providing 10 Million Unique Titles, and the OhioLINK press release Ohio Academic Libraries Now Provide 10 Million Unique Titles.

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