Monday, November 20, 2006

Shameless self promotion

Today I had a nice present in my mailbox, a plain brown padded envelope that contained a copy, actually several copies, of my recently published peer reviewed journal article. This is my first and I am somewhat giddy, maybe even disproportionately so, about seeing it in print. The article, "Marketing Electronic Reserves to the Faculty," was published in the Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserves (Vol. 16, No. 4, 2006).

The whole peer review process was a learning experience for me. I saw the call for article submissions via the EBSS list serv in May and submitted a proposal. The proposal was vetted and I was then invited to write and submit an article for review with a deadline of late August. I was lucky to work with Trevor Dawes, Princeton University Library, who was the guest editor for this journal issue. Trevor was extremely patient (thanks again, Trevor) with my numerous questions regarding copyright, submission protocol, and deadlines. He was also quick to keep all of us on task by sending gentle reminders as the article due date drew near. In mid December 2005, I received the welcome news my article "was accepted for publication in Volume 16, Number 4 (2006) of The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve. "

In mid August, I heard again from Trevor and Leslie Morris concerning permission to use library web page screen shot images within the article as final preparations were being made for publication. Haworth Information Press publishes JILLDDER and they determine the publication schedule as opposed to the journal. I had no idea the 2006 date would actually be a year from the acceptance date. Luckily, we were continually updated by the editors as the process continued. Email notification of publication arrived today, along with the package in my mailbox.

This was a great first time publishing adventure for me. Everyone from the editor to the publisher kept the author in the forefront (I retain the copyrights for my article). Haworth Press sent me two copies of the journal and ten professionally bound individual copies of my article (it's very cool). Naturally, flush with joy from my first publication, I want to write again.

Update: 12/12/06

A second brown envelope awaited me yesterday afternoon when I checked for mail. Inside was my copy of Marketing and Managing Electronic Reserves, a new book from Haworth Press. I had forgotten the special edition of JILLDDER was simultaneously published by Haworth Press in book format. Included were promotional materials and the opportunity to purchase additional copies, one of which will be added to the Ashland University library faculty publication collection, of the title.

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