Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blog layout changes

Rebecca and I are email discussing layout and format changes to Library Cloud (we really should do IM). There are currently some things we do not really care about any more, specifically the LibraryThing and Technorati search boxes, and other elements we would like to make better use of, like the new Blogger labels. According to Blogger, switching to the "new" Blogger template will afford us "drop and drag" options on the sidebar. Bear with us as we organize to our hearts content. After all, we are librarians!

Update: later that same afternoon ...

The template changeover is complete, but I still need to get our blog log back into the header where it belongs. This may be a good opportunity to clean up the logo a bit because I have since learned a bit more about working with Macromedia Fireworks. Now the sidebar orginization will commence. Wonder if we can make the cloud bigger and switch out the LibraryThing sidebar widget to display titles more attractively.

Cranky update: even later ....

All of the changes we envisioned have taken place with the single, and obvious, exception of the library cloud logo. I have cleaned the png and exported it as a jpeg. Unfortunately the same great template that affords ease of drop and drag also changes the look of the html and css template elements. I'm searching to see where to drop in the logo in the existing "new" html. Any tips and/or advice is welcome.

Update: 2/22/07

Not to be thwarted by the new blogger template, I determined the easiest way to put the logo back where it belonged would take two steps; inserting the newer jpeg logo into the blog so there would be a reference point and editing the css/xhtml within the template. Editing the template in Dreamweaver first and then editing the actual blooger template was relatively painless. Adjusting the logo jpeg was not as sizing issues caused it to become fuzzy. The current logo, properly placed and sized, is the old logo. Imperfect, but in place.

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