Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Blogumentary?

Educause Connect posted about Blogumentary: A Documentary about Blogs, an online film by Chuck Olsen. Here is the synopsis posted on Blogumentary's web site:

"BLOGUMENTARY playfully explores the many ways blogs are influencing our media, our politics, and our relationships. Personal political writing is the foundation of our democracy, but mass media has reduced us to passive consumers instead of active citizens. Blogs return us to our roots and reengage us in democracy.

Shot in candid first-person style by director Chuck Olsen, himself an avid blogger, the film features interviews with influential bloggers including Joe Trippi, Jeff Jarvis, Dan Gillmor, John Hinderaker, Rebecca Blood, Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan. From the rise of Howard Dean to the fall of Dan Rather, from love at first blog to a friend's suicidal blog post, "Blogumentary" is a fresh and compelling journey into our hyperconnected existence." (Blogumentery Synopsis)

This one hour film is available from Google Video. A word of caution; students working in the IRC this morning were somewhat taken aback when after selecting the video to watch on my computer the first words in the documentary are "damn it!" I am interested in seeing the video, but will obviously find a less crowded place to do so.

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