Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Live Discussions: The Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Education is hosting a Live Discussion this afternoon, 2 pm eastern, titled "Why Johnny Can't Search (Intelligently)." From the discussion page:

"No matter how tech-savvy today's students are, many of them doing research online cannot distinguish infomercials from facts. A movement led by librarians to teach information literacy has caught on across the country, but some faculty members say such efforts are nothing new. What is the best way to teach students how to find and evaluate online information? Is information literacy best incorporated into the curriculum or taught as a separate subject? What is the best way to measure students' skills in this area?" (Chronicle, 3/7/07)

The guides speaker is Diana G. Oblinger; a vice president of Educause. Transcripts are to be availble after the discussion.

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