Monday, March 17, 2008

Better late than never

Over at Walt at Random, in early January blog posts and subsequent discussion centered around Walt Crawford's new book Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples. My curiosity was tweaked when a January 19th post, Academic Library Blogs: Who's Included, presented an alphabetical listing of the blogs included the (okay, my) IRC blog at Ashland University Library was named. After ordering the book for our library, having the wrong blog book arrive necessitating return, and the correct book still on order from Yankee, I ordered the book for myself through Amazon; it arrived today.

I have not yet read the book, but did turn quickly to the page describing the Instructional Resource Center Blog, Ashland University Library (p. 155 for those interested). With one notable exception, a comment stating "no apparent links from either home page," all is well. The IRC blog is linked from both the IRC what's new page and IRC site map. I am looking forward to reading the information presented on other academic library blogs, as well as the metrics and standouts of each. As we continue to work on a new library web page, this title will provide resources for what other academic libraries are doing with their blogs.

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waltc said...

My apologies. In fact, though, what I say is "no apparent links from either home page"--and there is no link to the blog on either the library home page or the IRC home page. (I just rechecked. As you say, there are indeed links from two other pages within the IRC site, but not on the home page.)

I hope you find the book useful!