Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Call for contributors

This email opportunity has been making it's way around various listss and blogs during the last several weeks. I have had opportunity to work with Carol Smallwood, submitting articles to her recent book (mentioned in the call), Thinking Outside the Book, and would recommend taking advantage of this call for contributors.

Seeking Submissions from U.S. Librarians for ALA Editions, The Published Librarian: Successful Professional and Personal Writing
(publisher, American Library Association)

Introductory Note: Bob Blanchard, Adult Services Librarian, Des Plaines Public Library. Contributor to Illinois Librarians; Thinking Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians (McFarland, 2008)

Afterword: Dr. Ann Riedling, LIS Faculty, Mansfield University. Learning to Learn: A Guide to Becoming Information Literate in the 21st Century (Neal-Schuman, 2006)

Practical, concise, how-to articles. No previously published, simultaneously submitted material, or co-authors. Two articles required: 1900-2100 words total; for example, one article could be 1000 words, the other 900 words. No underlining, bold, all caps for emphasis, please.

Editor Carol Smallwood, M.L.S., has written, co-authored, edited 19 books such as Educators as Writers for Scarecrow, Libraries Unlimited, Peter Lang, and others. Her work has appeared in English Journal, Clackamas Literary Review, The Detroit News, Poesia, and several others including anthologies. Pudding House Publications published her chapbook, 2008; Words and Images of Belonging co-edited with Aurorean editor is with an agent; a recent book is Thinking Outside the Book, published by McFarland.

Possible topics: marketing, online publishing, where to send reviews, research skills for historical novels, using editing a library newsletter to edit books, ideas from students for YA books, using tools like BIP to locate publishers for your books, storytellers turned picture book authors, blogs and author web sites, interviewing, writing groups, networking, using a technology edge, promoting your books at conferences. Using issues librarians face such as censorship in poetry, essays, memoir, short stories, columns.

Deadline June 30, 2008

Topics may be sent first for feedback. Compensation: a complimentary copy, discount on additional copies. Please submit articles for consideration with a 65-70 word bio. Place LIBRARIANS/your name on the subject line to: smallwood@tm.net

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