Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Sara's post, Spring is in the air, along with a few days of watching students clean out dorm rooms (bring those books back to the library!), files and binders, network drives, and flash drives, compelled me to make the leap to spring cleaning my Bloglines account. I periodically weed the garden, weed library and IRC collections, and sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous I weed my IE bookmarks. But in the last year or so I have only added blogs to my reader, I have not removed ones I no longer read or have become stagnant. Viewing my plethora of updated feeds after lunch, I spent a few minutes weeding my Bloglines account.

Naturally, because I could not help myself, I put together a short list of criteria to speed things along. I did not let the number of other people subscribed to a blog sway me (no peer pressure) and nor did I consider what I should read verses what I wanted to read. I removed:
  • Blogs without posts in the last six months
  • Blogs I routinely preview but do not read
  • Blogs that no longer were of interest
  • Blogs that I felt had become tired

In about fifteen minutes - and with little remorse - I removed twenty blogs from my reader; I now have a more manageable number of resources with 58. A bit of irony, one of the first blogs I removed detailed ten tips for better blogging in the new year with the first resolution noted was to create a schedule for posting. It was the most recent post with a date of January 3, 2008.

Now I am ready to add new blogs to my feed reader!

Wondering about the srping flowers? The tulips pictured above are on the AU campus, near the library. The campus is especially colorful during the spring as we ready for graduation.

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