Wednesday, June 04, 2008

CMCIG Spring Workshop

ALAO's Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group (CMCIG) held their spring workshop on May 23, 2008 at OhioNET in Columbus. This year's workshop theme was Virtual Education Collections: Issues & Best Practices and focused upon "virtual collection development knowledge and experiences" of speakers and workshop attendees. Below is a brief synopsis of the workshop and speaker topics.

Anne Gilliland
Head, Copyright Management Office
Prior Health Sciences Library and Center for Knowledge Management
Ohio State University

Formerly the Assistant Director of Library Systems & Database Management at OhioLINK, Anne spoke about Best Practices for Developing a Virtual Collection detailing various aspects involved with developing individual virtual collections, as well as basic information concerning OhioLINK plans to increase their digital holdings. Highlighted within the presentation were topics of acquiring, cataloging, circulating, and maintaining a digital collection.

Cynthia DuChane
Project Coordinator

Cynthia provided an overview of the INFOhio and OhioLINK Special Task Force "Preparing 21st Century Ohio Learners for Success: The Role of Information Literacy and Libraries" as well as an preview of the current INFOhio and OhioLINK 12-13 transition project. A timely reminder to participants, the INFOhio password changes on July 1, 2008; be sure to download new toolkit, updates, and flyer's from the INFOhio site!

Mary Conroy
Electronic Resources Coordinator

Mary's presentation, OhioNet Library Services and Electronic Resources Programs, highlighted OhioNet mission, history, continuing education resources, workshop opportunities, and electronic resources available to Ohio academic, public, school, and special libraries.

Mary Cummings, Librarian
Clark Memorial Library
Shawnee State University

Mary's presentation, Virtual Education Collections: Issues and Best Practices, focused on both free and commercial multimedia resources available to libraries and curriculum materials centers. Highlights of Mary's session included live demonstrations of BookFlix and TumbleBooks, electronic books for children.

Thanks to Ann Raney and Greg Martin, CMCIG Co-Chairs, for their efforts preparing this workshop. It is always a pleasure and day well spent to attend a CMCIG spring workshop. And, plans are already underway for the CMCIG sponsored session at the ALAO conference in October!

The Picassa Web album featured at the beginning of this post includes photographs of the workshop. Please note, this slide show is also located on the CMCIG blog post CMCIG Spring Workshop.

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