Friday, September 05, 2008

We're on the list

Walt Crawford, Walt at Random, is compiling information for a new study on Library blogs and has posted a one-week-only opportunity for readers to recommended blogs for inclusion. There are specific criteria in place that must be met, including being "somehow related to libraries or librarianship" and "not an official blog of a library."

"If you know of a blog or blogs that meet the criteria below and aren’t currently on the list, let me know–either by commenting here or by sending me email at waltcrawford, domain (Note: If you comment and include more than a couple of blog names and links, it’s possible your comment will be trapped as spam. That’s OK: I check spam before deleting it.) Please include the URL, although if you only have the blog’s name, chances are I can locate it. Deadline: Friday, September 12, 2008". - New libr* blogs? 9/4/08

Reading a great library blog not on his list? Consider submitting it to the study, it's worthwhile for research and general information. I have a personal copy of Academic Library Blogs (and purchased one for our library) and found the number and types of academic library blogs a great resource.

In the interest of full-discloser .... Yes, I checked his list of 587 blogs and was surprised to see our own humble Library Cloud included. Go figure. :-)

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waltc said...

Heck, you've been in my Bloglines list for a while now...

And if you're respnsible for two purchases of Academic Library Blogs, you're in (very) select company...Thanks for the kind words.