Friday, April 09, 2010

CIL 2010: Back up plans

In the old days (heh-heh-heh) presentation back-up meant saving your PowerPoint on a CD or floppy disk, printing a copy for use on an Elmo, or even making a transparency (in the age of the dinosaur). What followed was a bit of angst surrounding handouts to take for attendees. How many could fit in your suitcase? How many were enough? How many were too many?

I am thrilled to report my presentation is online and available for the world to view as a LibGuide. My handouts? Thanks to a reminder from a colleague, I made cards for attendees in lieu of any paper handout. I'll be taking the newest rendition with me on the plane Sunday.

Online does not mean lack of preparation for those "just in case" scenarios; I've exported my guide to a USB flash drive and downloaded the Prezi introduction. I also have a bright and shiny new HP netbook that will be a traveling companion. I may try a bit of live blogging; realistically it will be end of the day blogging accompanying online teaching and email. Regardless, I am looking forward to my first CIL conference.

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