Saturday, July 03, 2010

ALA 2010: EBSS Higher Education Committee

A current member of ACRL's EBSS section, my first official ALA Annual meeting was the Higher Education Committee on Saturday morning. I managed to arrive on time at the wrong hotel, luckily met and chatted with two other EBSS committee members - both curriculum materials center librarians - that made the same mistake, and then hopped a Gale shuttle bus to the correct hotel arriving with much chagrin a half hour late.

The Higher Education Committee has been working on a wiki project for the last two years. It has expanded significantly since its first inception; the wiki format was ideal for growth.

"At the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meetings in Philadelphia, PA, the Higher Education committee elected to utilize a Wiki for it's newest project, a Wiki and/or web page resource committed to supporting librarians new to working with Higher Education faculty and practitioners/administrators. This resource will be largely, but not limited to, Internet resources. Entries will include a brief supportive annotation describing significance, sponsorship, and other information as deemed necessary." -- EBSS Higher Education Wiki

One week prior to the meeting, we made our project live! It will soon be available via the ACRL web site, but I'm pleased to provide the address here for a preview. Topics included in the wiki are:

I was particularly pleased to have the Curriculum Materials Centers page, it came in handy when preparing the collection and budget for the new AU Columbus Center IRC. At this point, I am not sure if there are plans to open the wiki for comments and/or additional submissions (feel free to submit recommendations as blog comments). Time will tell. Sad to see the wiki "completed," are they ever really finished, other projects are in the works for this committee.

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