Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Life in a Day

Students in my section of EDCI 232/505: Introduction to the Principles of Instructional Technology finished their desktop movie assignment last week; it's the seventh of ten technology assignments required during the intensive Summer Y session at Ashland. Once videos are finished, they upload to YouTube for grading. As I mentioned to them after grading, finished products this term are some of the best I've seen; they creatively combined different media options such as web cam video, PowerPoint slides, personal digital images, and music (successfully using YouTube's Audio Swap) using Movie Maker and iMovie. Always a popular assignment, discussions on several blog posts this week touched upon different ways movies could be used in the classroom. This morning, YouTube introduced a "cinematic experience," Life in a Day, which could be adapted for classroom use (or libraries for that matter!).

Regardless, it is an interesting experiment ...

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