Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weebly wobbles

The final project for Introduction to the Principles of Instructional Technology is creating an electronic portfolio showcasing projects developed throughout the term and posting it on the web. There are several free resources available to students with Weebly, Google Sites, and Webs.com, the current favorites. Last week, a student was having problems embedding their video. The quickest way to understand the issue was to create an account with Weebly, build a simple page (very simple), embed a video, and send the link to the student. As the term drew to a close, I promptly forgot about the page.

This afternoon the "we haven't seen you for a while" message (pictured left) arrived in my inbox and made me laugh. Their summary of my activities are on target as the site served its purpose quickly and easily; talk about big brother! Even though I did not edit or update the single page, it is no longer 7 days, 1 hour, 58 minutes, and 2 seconds since I last logged in to Weebly.

Wonder if I'm the only one who is reminded of Weebles?

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