Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Week reader wrap-up

I delayed last weeks wrap-up to blog about the ALAO conference (late) and still have two posts remaining in my folder. So, this is a two-week reader collection that includes technology links, tips for blogging from MS Office 2010, and collaboration with Prezi . Take a few minutes to read the comments accompanying Steven Bell's Library Journal column, when I added to this post link there were very good discussions detailing the necessity of basic steps in elementary and high school before teaching research strategies in higher education.

* In a very unblog-like fashion, the newest items are posted last ...

  • OhioLINK What's New
    A recent addendum to the previous post / announcement (9/30) regarding the new OhioLINK executive director (10/25).

  • Research with Training Wheels From the Bell Tower
    "As much as we academic librarians sometimes whine about our problems (which I am guilty of here), our K-12 counterparts demonstrate a tremendous enthusiasm for their work. This summit was a no-whining zone. More than that, our K-12 counterparts are thinking hard about the future of reading. As I heard more than a few times at the Summit, it's not about the future of the book—it's about the future of reading. We may not know what the container will be, but we do know that student academic success is strongly tied to reading and comprehension—and the future of reading according to the experts, is digital." -- Steven Bell, Library Journal, 10/28/10

  • More than a third of Higher Education Faculty are on Twitter
    "Twitter use by Higher Education Faculty is more extensive than you might expect, and it’s on the rise. This last week I came across this report from Magna Publications, published last month, which discusses their second annual survey of Twitter usage among college faculty. The survey was conducted over the summer and had 1,372 respondents." -- K Walsh, Emerging EdTech, 10/31/10

  • It’s Time to Get to Work. Arm Yourself with Knowledge
    "Regardless of your position within an organization, if you want to see change you need to institute change. Small steps often lead to big change. You have the ability to encourage others to have the confidence and courage to follow. The one thing that I find helps is arming myself with knowledge. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? One of the things I turn to broaden my knowledge are books. It’s amazing what you can learn at such a minimal cost, if you just put the time and effort into it." -- Beth Harte, Social Media Today, 11/1/10

  • Same Campus + Real Time = Prezi Meeting
    "Nothing beats opening your email to find a whole new way of collaborating. Whether your students are engaged in Project or Challenge-Based Learning, or you want to collaborate locally or globally, Prezi Meeting just made learning better. For web-based presentations, Prezi Meeting reinvented desktop sharing." -- RJ Stangherlin, DEN Blog Network, 11/4/10

  • How to Publish Blog Posts from Microsoft Word 2010
    "Every blogger out there looks for easy ways to publish blogs which don’t take up much time; hence the use of many specifically designed blog writing and publishing platforms is commonplace. However, a word processing application such as Microsoft Office 2010 can also be used an effective blog writing app with just a few simple steps." -- Hammad, Lost in Technology, 11/4/10

  • Magazine Lifts Blogger's Article, Tells Her to Be Grateful for the Edit
    "But this story might be a new low. According to blogger and medieval recipe enthusiast Monica Gaudio, a print magazine stole her article, published it in their magazine, and, when Gaudio complained, the magazine told her she should be grateful for the exposure and they deserved a "thanks" editing it it for her." -- Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, PCWorld, 11/5/10

  • The Rise of the 'Edupunk'
    "NEW YORK -- The “Edupunks” will inherit the Earth … or at least some attention. Those in higher education who continue hand-wringing over the relative merits of online learning and other technology-driven platforms will soon find themselves left in the dust of an up-and-coming generation of students who are seeking knowledge outside academe. Such was an emerging consensus view here Monday, as college leaders gathered for the TIAA-CREF Institute's 2010 Higher Education Leadership Conference." -- Jack Stripling, Insider Higher Ed News, 11/5/10

  • Prezi Paths: Linear Storytelling in an Infinite Landscape
    "One of the most elusive concepts I find in most Prezi presentations is a lack of navigational structure – wildly zooming around a presentation. While this may make sense to the presenter, it is a completely disorienting experience for the audience and can certainly induce motion sickness."-- Andrew Davis, TippingPoint Labs, 11/9/10

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