Friday, June 10, 2011

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LJ 2011 Job Satisfaction Survey - Rocked By Recession, Buoyed By Service
"A recession that has rocked the bottom lines of libraries nationwide has not, despite any expectations to the contrary, managed to unseat the basic satisfaction of the workers who keep them ticking every day. That workforce is just as likely to choose a career in libraries as it was before the recession took hold: a full 86 percent said so, the same resounding number as in LJ’s last job satisfaction survey in 2007 (covered in a three-part series starting with “Great Work, Genuine Problems,” LJ 10/1/07, p. 26–29). When asked directly about job satisfaction, 70 percent of library workers across all library types and at all levels stated they were satisfied or very satisfied, just two percent down from 2007" -- Rebecca Miller, Library Journal, 6/1/11

When Adults are the Bullies
"Across the world, educators are more and more finding themselves involved in bullying and not just through their students, but rather actively bullying others or being a victim of it. What do we, as administrators and adults, do when the bullying taking place is among the adults in the school/district? I remember starting out as a teacher and being quite shocked by the cliques, hierarchies, and power structures within staffs of schools." -- Chris Wejr, Connected Principals, 6/2/11

YouTube and Creative Commons: raising the bar on user creativity
"Have you ever been in the process of creating a video and just needed that one perfect clip to make it pop? Maybe you were creating your own music video and needed an aerial video of Los Angeles at night to spice it up. Unless you had a helicopter, a pretty powerful camera and some fierce editing skills, this would have been a big challenge. Now, look no further than the Creative Commons library accessible through YouTube Video Editor to make this happen. Creative Commons provides a simple way to license and use creative works." -- Stace Peterson, YouTube Blog, 6/2/11

Introducing Search engines come together for a richer web
"Today we’re announcing, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages. With, site owners and developers can learn about structured data and improve how their sites appear in major search engines. The site aims to be a one stop resource for webmasters looking to add markup to their pages." -- Ramanathan Guha, Official Google Blog, 6/2/11

College students eager to learn but need help negotiating information overload
"As another academic year draws to a close, college students are once again getting bad marks.Seems like everywhere you turn — in a stream of new books, blogs, newspaper stories and broadcasts — the same story is being reported: Today's students don't study much. Many are unrepentant slackers, tethered to Facebook and their smart phones on their way to another party. Even worse: Today's college students lack critical-thinking skills, leaving them unprepared for the workplace."-- Alison J. Head and Michael B. Eisenberg, Seattle Times Editorial / Opinion, 6/3/11

New Library Dean Has History with University
""Sara Bushong's new position as the dean of Bowling Green State University Libraries is the next step in a line of jobs that began with an interest in music and education. Bushong began her history with BGSU as a student, earning a Bachelor of Music Education degree and performing as a choir teacher, a school librarian, and was originally going to become a band director.She finds her transition from music to libraries fitting in the overall pursuit of teaching. "I just like the variety," Bushong said. "I felt I could continue working as a teacher as well but be able to work with all kinds of subject areas instead of just one or two." Bushong previously served as the associate dean of the libraries as well as two terms as interim dean and is excited about her new job." -- Bobby Waddle, BG Views News, 5/31/11

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