Friday, July 06, 2012

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On Creating Joy at Work
"When was the last time you were overjoyed by an inspired act or outcome at work? For too many managers, the very thought of joy at work is laughable. For employees? It’s not only laughable, but a notion left for dreamers — certainly no place for it in the cubicle nation." -- Shawn Murphy, Smart Blog on Leadership, 7/5-12

Where Wal-Mart Departs, A Library Succeeds
"A vast building in McAllen, Texas, was once home to a Wal-Mart -- but no longer. When the discount superstore moved to a larger location, it left behind a vast empty building. The community took advantage of the space and converted the warehouse-like building into a public library." -- Carolyn Kellogg, Jacket Copy, 7/3/12

Copyright for Librarians and Teachers in a Nutshell
"You may have wondered whether you hold the copyright to work you’ve put many hours into creating on the job. Who holds the copyright to works created by teachers or librarians? Short answer: In general, when employees create works as a condition of employment, the copyright holder is the employer." -- Carrie Russell, American Libraries Magazine, 7/2/12

QR Codes, Don't Believe the Hype
"Growing up it was Pokemon cards, in my early teens it was the constant use of MySpace and now, the latest trend to be hyped into oblivion, is QR codes. QR codes or quick response codes are the square barcodes that can be read by QR code scanners and smart phone cameras. They have been plastered on everything from billboards and magazines to business cards and t-shirts." -- Matt Thomas, Social Media Today, 7/5/12

Pinterest Provides Attribution for Pinned Sites
"Did you recently view an online Pinterest that really caught your attention? Well now, you don’t have to hunt through the web to find out more information about the product. Pinterest is now giving users access to online information about their product, by adding permanent links on pins from sites like Flickr, YouTube, Behance, and Vimeo. And in doing so, they are giving credit to companies that were blindsided by their products being mass-promoted on its site." -- Jessica Passman Daily Deal Media, 7/2/12

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