Friday, July 13, 2012

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Do Librarians Need to Know Anything?
"A kind reader sent me this link to a blog post that’s mostly about the changing face of librarianship. It’s sort of about the Spectrum scholarship, the success of which is why the racial and gender makeup of librarianship has plummeted from its former 90% white women to the significantly more diverse 88% white women." --  Annoyed Librarian, Library Journal Blogs, 7/9/12

The Revolution: Top Ten Disruptors of Education
"New online learning models are bursting from startups and top universities, bridging the educational divide. We are in the midst of a revolution that will bring high-quality education to hundreds of millions of people who have never had access to this level of learning before. These tools will reach those in developing cities and countries but also foment a revolution in the U.S. classroom as they change our perception of what learning can be."-- Jack Hidary, Huffington Post Education, 7/6/12

How to Move Towards a System that Looks to 'Publish, Then Filter' Academic Work
"Every week there’s something new in the open access debate. A couple of weeks ago the Finch report concluded that all publicly-funded research should indeed be made available free online (hurray!). But it favoured the so-called ‘gold’ model of open access, in which the highly profitable academic journal industry carries on as normal, but switches its demand for big piles of cash away from library journal subscriptions and over to authors themselves – or their institutions (boo!). Campaigners such as Stevan Harnad questioned why the Finch committee had not favoured the ‘green’ model, where authors put copies of their articles in free-to-access online repositories – the answer being, it was assumed, a successful blitz of lobbying by the publishing industry."-- David Gauntlett, Impact of Social Sciences, 7/10/12

Innovation Advice Inspired by a Children's Magazine
"A seminal memory of childhood for many Americans of my age was the arrival of the magazine Highlights for Children every month. The magazine was chock full of goodness, but my favorite part was the Goofus & Gallant cartoon. For those who didn't have the pleasure of reading the magazine, the cartoon taught life lessons through contrasts. Not surprisingly, Gallant was always polite, did his chores, and thought things through, whereas Goofus wasn't polite, didn't do his chores, and definitely didn't think things through." -- Scott Anthony, HBR Blog Network, 7/3/12

Protect Yourself from the Newest Hacking of Pinterest Accounts
"It is unclear how hackers are getting access to Pinterest accounts, but in the last three days there has been a number of signs that hacking is again becoming a problem on Pinterest. --> Updated 7/9: Based on user experiences, if you have been hacked, the first thing you should do is change your Pinterest password. This worked for at least one of the Pinterest users who posted in our comments."-- Josh Davis, L.L. Social, 7/7/12

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