Friday, August 24, 2012

Look, it's another QR code post

I often 'forget' that QR codes don't have to lead users to web pages; options exist for text messages, general text, and an assortment of other resources. The IRC has provided QR code signage to users for a few years now (see here and here and here); it's been a generally successful tool to send LibGuide, IRC Blog, and IRC and library web site content to mobile devices and tablets. A new academic year seemed like the perfect time to expand use of QR code signage to a few more floors in the library. Well, that and a request from another librarian regarding development of signage to highlight our recent library catalog interface (web pac pro) update. The result? We now have a series of signs for each library floor featuring QR codes.

The new signage moves beyond directing users to web resources. Each has a set of three QR codes (all traditional black & white) featuring the library catalog, information about collections located on each floor and our new text a librarian service. To help students understand - and use - the signs, accompanying each QR code is an image depicting the type of result to expect after scanning. The top QR code leads to the library catalog and features a mobile device screen shot of the catalog; the second QR code returns brief text detailing the collections located on a particular floor and is accompanied by a cell phone image with instructions; the third QR code supports our new text a library service by automatically opening a text message on the users phone.

Signs were printed in color, laminated (because I can), and posted on the stacks end caps for viewing as users exit the elevator on each floor of the library. I used the QR Code and 2D Code Generator (Kerem Erkan) for this project as the Kaywa QR Code Generator was requiring account creation prior to use.  Overall, I'm pleased with the results (as is the librarian who requested them) and will be curious if they generate any increased usage of our texting service.

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