Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Reader

Pearson Moves Deeper Into Online Education with $650 Million Purchase
"Pearson, a publishing and education company whose products include books, newspapers, and online services, announced a major acquisition on Tuesday that will deepen its commitment to becoming a major player in online education.
The company, which owns the Financial Times and the Penguin Group book publisher, shelled out $650-million in cash to buy EmbanetCompass, a business that provides support services to colleges and universities that are moving their programs online." -- Kathrine Mangan, The Wired Campus, 10/16/12

Managing Your Digital Footprint (Repost)
"It’s NEVER too early to start managing your digital footprint. Colleges and future employers will certainly Google your name to see what you’ve been up to. You want them to find a productive, creative online life–not the embarrassing photo from that last party you went to!" -- Jen Hurd, Bib 2.0, 10/22/12

Augmented Realities in Learning - Hype for Now?
"I don’t have enough time for thinking these days – which is  not a very good thing.This thinking beyond ourselves is what the game of learning is all about, and how we do this is how we augment the true cognitive capacities of our minds, regardless of what technology-enhanced sphere that thinking takes us into." -- Judy O'Connell, Hey Jude, 10/23/12

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