Monday, January 07, 2013

Pinterest: New Home Page

I noticed a new Pinterest start page this morning while updating boards on the IRC Pinterest site. Selecting "or preview the site" links to the previous Pinterest start page providing users, or potential users, opportunity to peruse resources before signing up for an account.  Choosing "Join Pinterest" leads to the account registration page that now features a link specifically for businesses. I generally login directly via the page I'm working with, so this may not be new, per say. Regardless, I like the new look. It's very clean and inviting.

As the IRC Pinterest page gains popularity and followers, there has been an increase in requests to join boards and work collaboratively with other Pinterest accounts. Unfortunately, I have also had to use the option to block followers more frequently as well. There are pages that should not be associated with a library and Instructional Resource Center page created for education students. It is becoming rather Twitter-spam-esque with quick creation of strange pages seemingly with the simple goal of increasing followers. As Pinterest continues to gain popularity, maintenance of followers for the IRC may need to be monitored with more regularity.

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