Friday, April 19, 2013

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest introduced Web Analytics in March and offered it to users with several caveats in place.
Why don’t I have the option to use Pinterest Web Analytics?
You’ll only have access to Pinterest Web Analytics if you've verified your website and are using Pinterest's new look.
If you just verified your website, you won't see your data for a few days.
If you’re unable to verify your website, then you won’t be able to use Pinterest Web Analytics at this time.
I switched to Pinterest's new look prior to ACRL and explored ways to verify the IRC web site and/or IRC blog. For the IRC blog (Blogger platform), meta tags placed in the header <head> seemed to be the best option and I placed the tag in the IRC blog header without success. This morning, a blinding flash of the obvious; place the meta tag in the blog template source code.  I removed the IRC web site, added the IRC blog URL, selected the meta tag option, placed the meta tag into the blog header (edit html), saved, continued the verification process ... and ... now I have a verified web site/blog for the IRC Pinterest site and can access the analytics menu.

There is little available, after all I only verified this morning, but I'm looking forward to seeing additional information regarding the traffic flow and usage statistics for the IRC Pinterest page. I'm considering the same process for my personal Pinterest site and this blog (and should have done so prior to ACRL!).  Regardless, since I am not ready to commit the IRC Pinterest as a business site this is a nice option for using Pinterest web analytics.

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