Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Another Weekly Reader

U. of Zurich Says Professor Deleted MOOC to Raise Student Engagement
"The University of Zurich says it has cleared up the bizarre case of the MOOC that went missing. But the university is offering few clarifying details to the public, which has been left to piece together theories from the university’s statements and from cryptic tweets by the course’s professor about an unspecified experiment he might have been trying to conduct." -- Steve Kolowich, Wired Campus, 7/8/14

How to Use Twitter for Prospecting
"Twitter has over 255 million active users a month – it is a massive database, buzzing with real-time information about individuals and communities around the world. Twitter is therefore a valuable source of information for online sales and digital content teams, as well as professional bloggers, who can benefit greatly from easy, personalised communication with prospects, as well as readers and consumers." -- Sophie Turton, The Blog Herald, 7/7/14

Room for Creativity
"I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: academic Twitter can be incredible. Natalie Dorfeld emailed me after the column featuring Jessica Lawless and Miranda Merklein ran and asked what she could do to help. Noting the “kick ass work” these columns have been doing — why thank you, Natalie — she volunteered to participate. After learning about some of her professional experiences and interests, I did what any academic connected to social media would do: I crowdsourced to find a partner for an adjunct interested in ESL pedagogy, creative writing, narrative theory, contemporary poetry, and contingent labor issues." -- Joseph Fruscione, Inside Higher Ed | Career Advice, 7/9/14

Stephen Krashen to LA School Board: Invest in Libraries
"The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) recently approved a new 6.6 billion budget for the strained school system, where 80 percent of attending students live in poverty. Earlier this year, literacy expert Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at the University of Southern California Los Angeles, delivered a powerful, five-minute presentation to the LAUSD board, “Why Invest in Libraries.” His remarks addressed the stubborn intersection of poverty, poor literacy, and limited book access." -- SLJ, School Library Journal, 7/7/14

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