Friday, September 08, 2006

Question: MLIS course notes

Did you keep your class notes from grad school? This particular question was posed during a conversation today in the library and was asked previously from both a current and recent MLIS graduate student. My answer is both yes ... and no.

Yes. I packed up all of my class binders, notes, and paraphernalia when moving to Ohio after accepting my current job. Several were extremely useful, the ones pertaining to children's literature and web design especially so. Generally speaking, they were relevant to my situation as a new curriculum librarian and college of education liaison. During the first year I referred to them regularly.

No. The longer I have worked, the less often I refer back to that information. I find there are two distinct reasons for the change. First, I finished my grad work five years ago; due to the consistently evolving nature of the library profession much of it is outdated. And second, now that I have some library experience, I am able to do my own research and utilize peers for their experiences as well. One or two I have never looked at a second time (I won't name names!) and with the exception of searching for a specific reference or activity, they are now gathering dust.

Do you have different experiences and/or expectations concerning the validity of MLIS course notes?

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