Wednesday, October 18, 2006

... And soon I will rule the world

Here is a search engine you have to see; Janie Hermann at Library Garden posted about the Ms Dewey Search Engine (Sorry Janie, I had to do a screen shot as well, it was too good to pass up). Ms. Dewey is not your ordinary search engine, or even a cartoon, she is video of an actual person with a quick wit and snarky personality.

The screen shot displayed is right after she informed me "... and soon, I will rule the world, bwaaaa haaaa haaaa haaa!" After Ms. Dewey loads, be patient, a search bar appears. Take too long to type in your query, Ms. Dewey will knock on the monitor to make sure you are still there. "Hello! Anybody there?" I let it run for awhile, a white phone appeared and she offered to call someone to check on my health because one of the signs of a heart attack is loss of eye-hand coordination and by the looks of my typing I was having trouble in that area!

After amusing me, I thought it was like Lloyd the Library Llama song, just for fun; I remembered it is a search engine and typed "motorcycles" (Ms. Dewey was working on a red bike while waiting to load so I thought it appropriate). My query returned several options, visible on the right side of the photo, including the Harley Davidson home page. Additionally, it was possible to scroll down the results without leaving the site.

What fun for a dreary mid-term Wednesday afternoon.

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