Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ellison Die Library

It is my last weekend to work this term and thanks to Gina Bolger, the education librarian at Cornerstone University's Curriculum Materials Center, I had a fun and useful project to work with this afternoon. I will be doing a complete IRC web page overhaul in the next few weeks and always like to see what others are doing. Thursday, I was surfing the net looking a other CMC web pages and found Cornerstone University's CMC site. One sentence caught my attention, "Logon to our Ellison Die Library to see our collection of die cuts." What a great idea! After a simple login process at Ellison's Die Library page, I was able to create two libraries for the IRC's collections:

Anyone may login and view our existing collections, and only the librarian is allowed to edit. This is a nice perk to add to my IRC page and will help me keep track of the dies existing in our collection. It might even replace my spreadsheet (or not).

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