Thursday, October 12, 2006

IRC Logo poll

Before re-designing the library web page, I will be updating the Instructional Resource Center web page. I have in mind the following goals, frames will be eliminated, the page refreshed, information updated, and the colors will conform to the current University web page scheme. To this point, I have sketched out page dimensions and proposed layout, determined the color palette, and I am in the process of designing requisite images, logos, and buttons. Experience has taught me I work better when all of the visual element decisions have been made before putting the page together. As with PowerPoint, where I often become enraptured with what font, color, picture, and transitions may be used and forget information is KEY to the entire presentation, the visual element decisions must be completed so I am able to move seamlessly into the actual web editing process.

Today I finished four IRC logos for the web page. I am using Macromedia Fireworks (not 8) for the graphic elements and Dreamweaver MX 2004 for the web page. The logos have been posted on my personal site so I am able to look at them from home and judge length of time to load and size on my less powerful computer. Now I am seeking opinions.

I recently found a website, Lucky Polls, that offers coding for short simple polls on blogs, websites, and the like (yes, it is a widget). Below are the four logos, feel free to pick your favorite! I would appreciate the feedback.





Which IRC logo?

1) #1
2) #2
3) #3
4) #4

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Update: 10/20/06

A quick word on the two logos receiving the most votes. After quizzing anyone and everyone in the IRC a consensus was reached; logo 4. With a few modifications, namely adding Ashland University Library and the library address to the logo, it seemed to meet all the necessary qualifications for the page. As to the second choice, logo number 1, it was scratched because of an off-hand comment from my boss.

He told me the IRC portion of the logo looked like an eye exam chart. After that, it's all I could see (ha-ha) when viewing (tee-hee) the logo. I'm pleased with the choice, have moved on to designing navigation buttons, and will soon be making an image map.

Anyone interested may view the page in progress. It is located on my personal AU web space and will remain there while I work out all the design issues and bugs. Plus, living on my network space means I do not have to wait out the 2 hour staging server time period.

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