Thursday, October 05, 2006

Library Student Journal

The October 4th edition of American Libraries Direct, a weekly email/newsletter provided to members of ALA that was in my inbox this morning, included a link to Library Student Journal, "a peer reviewed student publication of the University of Buffalo Department of Library and Information Studies." An open letter from the editor, Eli Guinnee, reads in part:

"Our goal with LSJ is to provide a forum for discussion of current LIS education issues and to publish the best student papers in the LIS field, broadly defined, while providing valuable publishing and editing experience to authors and editors alike. But I hope our readers, authors, and editors will also take away this lesson: libraries can be publishers, and librarians can take advantage of our diverse skills and the many resources at our disposal to be directly and actively involved in the publishing of high quality scholarly information." - E. Guinnee, LSJ, 9/2006

A quick glance at the current issue contents reveals articles (2), Essays (3), Editorials (2), and Reviews (1) presented in both html and PDF, and comment options for each entry. The essay, It's IM time: a case study of instant messaging reference for teens at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, by Licia Slimon, was of particular interest to me for two reasons. First, she is a Pitt alumni and interned at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Second, IM reference is similar in some ways to OhioLINK chat with a librarian services and I was curious to see if her findings in any way mirrored experiences I have had doing chat (it did).

LSJ's also has an editor's blog, hosted by blogger. LSJ Editor's Blog has an open comment policy (you are required to authenticate), RSS feed capability, Technorati blog search, and an interesting Community Web Search widget that includes a cloud. Blog over and see what's new.

Library Student Journal's inaugural September 2006 issue is now available.

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Eli Guinnee said...

Thanks for the plug Diane! I do encourage everyone involved in library science to come take a look at our journal (that is, it's not just for students). We have a discussion board open to everyone and a monthly poll if you want to give your two cents. And there is a comments section attached to each paper we publish if you'd like to contribute your own thoughts to the topic or leave a nice note for the author.

Cheers--Eli Guinnee