Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Looking good

The ACRLog has a new look for the New Near. Along with the new look are a few new features I particularly like are an events calendar for ACRL items and a link for story ideas, the ACRL Tip Page. It will be interesting to see how these changes help the blog to evolve. I'm not so sure I like the recent comments section, but as long as people take responsibility for what they are commenting it should be interesting. The ACRLog blog team is listening to its readers.

Today is day two of the "new" Blogger (it is not Blogger Beta any longer!) and I have yet to use many of the highly touted enhanced features. The drag and drop option template customization requires an upgrade to the existing template.

"We've introduced a new tool for customizing the appearance of your blog. Before you can use this tool, you'll need to upgrade your template. By upgrading, you will lose many of the changes you previously made to your template. However, we will save a copy of your current template so that you can access it later. " (How can I use new layout features, 1/3/07)

Yikes, lose changes made to the template? When the Blogger gods highlight this particular notification in red it gives me pause. I am curious to see how these features work, but plan to practice upgrading one of my lesser used blogs first. Plus, Library Cloud is a team blog and template changes will not be made until Rebecca and I have a chance to make that particular

In addition to the post label options discovered yesterday, among the several changes I noticed are the dashboard layout, photo upload, and ease of publishing. As of now, I am not overly thrilled with the new Blogger dashboard. It is nice to be able to choose post, setting, and view blog from the initial screen, but it is a bit cumbersome. Something interesting I noticed when adding my dashboard screen shot to this post is the new terms of service option you must agree to before blogger will upload any photo. One more thing on the definite plus side is how much quicker publishing is with new Blogger.

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