Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So long, farewell ....

Scott Gilbertson over at Monkey Bites has posted a fond farewell to Microsoft Office's increasingly annoying "help" tool, clippy entitled: In Memoriam, Clippy. It appears clippy is no more in the newest version of Office.

First spotted in Office 97, something I was reminded of last week when typing a letter on my Dad's computer and was interrupted with an inquiry from Clippy asking if I wanted help, the assistant was a help tool. Later versions of help allowed users to choose their own Clippy interface, remember the dog and Einstein? Personally, I spent more time getting rid of Clippy and his pals than I did utilizing the tool.

Though I do not remember seeing Clippy in Office XP or even Word 2003, see also Microsoft Tool Clippy Gets "Pink Slip" (CNet, 1/11/01), it seems Vista is indeed the last hurrah. As Gilbertson profoundly said: "Clippy is dead. Long live Clippy."

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