Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unique author collaboration

I read two interesting articles, actually an SLJ news blurb and an article, in the February issue of School Library Journal this morning. Both illustrate how "web 2.0" technology in general, and blogs specifically, are being used in conjunction with children's and YA literature.

Class of 2K7 is a group of first time children's and YA authors, all with publication dates in 2007, using a novel approach to get their books out to the public. Taking full advantage of the importance of web presence, their extensive website includes a full listing of class members, interviews with each author, chat forums, an Ezine, and media information. The 2K7 authors take full advantage of web 2.0 technology utilizing a Class of 2K7 Blog, a MySpace account, have a YouTube Class Video, and in January hosted a Virtual Book Launch: Story of a Girl. From their web site:

The Class of 2K7 offers Booksellers, Librarians and Teachers:
  • A single spot to find 39 of the freshest voices in children's literature
  • Authors willing to do school or library visits and in-store book signings
  • Regional coordinators able to help plan and facilitate multi-author events
  • Presentations for conferences and book festivals
Information provided by each author is extensive and after perusing the site, I'm wondering if I have any of these titles on order. Since the authors are willing to do school visits, I have just given a graduate student (she's a classroom teacher for gifted) the web address. It is an interesting resource.

Curl Up with a Cup of Tea and a Good Blog, by Elizabeth Burns, discusses the growing trend of blog reviews for children's and young adult literature. As mentioned in the article, I too follow several children's literature blogs including Horn Book's Read Roger. Burns highlights her "must reads," here are a few of them (that I've also read):
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judy said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the Class of 2k7.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic, and as a member of the Class of 2k7, I feel honored that our class was mentioned.

Thank you so much.

-Carrie Jones

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Thanks for the 2k7 mention! Glad to have discovered your blog.

- Sarah Beth Durst (member of the Class of 2k7)

stephhale said...

Another 2k7'r here, so glad I found your blog! :)

Stephanie Hale