Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blog header images

I have been preparing screen shots for my blog-themed poster presentation at ALA and pondering a way to add the IRC logo to the IRC Blog. While I have changed the blog colors to match the IRC web page color palette, the logo would provide a nice visual element currently missing. I knew it was an achievable goal, I did it here. But to insert the Library Cloud logo it was necessary to mess (a technical term) with the blog html and then find a way to access the picture. Doable, but cumbersome, and not suffice for my current needs; I wanted to keep the deep purple background as a frame for the IRC logo by inserting it into the existing page element as opposed to replacing it as I did here. I reasoned that with the new "drop and drag" options accompanying updated Blogger templates there had to be a better way. There was!

I discovered a new option, at least a new to me option, in Configure Header. Choosing to change an existing header, users are able to add images by either uploading from a computer or linking to an existing online image. Once the image is added placement options - behind title and description - and - instead of title and description -are available to personalize the selection.

I needed to adjust the size of my logo/image, it was bigger than the allotted space and bled out over the background, but was able to add the IRC logo to the blog header quickly and without any problems. I chose the instead of title and description option, but left the blog title showing. Now the blog title is not on the blog, but does remain on my dashboard.

With some irony, a new Blogger Buzz feed was present in my Bloglines account this morning. It was a post from Pete at Blogger Buzz: Learn How to Add an Image to Your Blogs Header.

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