Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Care and Feeding of Library Student Assistants, Greg Martin

This is the last post in a short series of posts summarizing information from the CMCIG workshop. For additional comments from workshop attendees, visit the CMCIG Blog.

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The workshop concluded with a session by Greg Martin, CMCIG chair and Curriculum Materials Center Librarian at Cedarville University and author of Cedarville's Curriculum Materials Center blog.. Greg's presentation, "The Care and Feeding of Library Student Assistants," detailed the multifaceted programs in place at Cedarville University including information on their awards plan, fall cookout, "goody" bags, and a spring library appreciation banquet. I was a bit awestruck by the sheer number of programs funded by the library, but was able to garner basic ideas for things to incorporate into my IRC.

Prior to the workshop, Greg requested attendees bring their own training manuals and handbooks to share with the group. During the open discussion time following the presentation, a variety of great ideas and questions were fielded by and for the good of the group. This was a great opportunity to not only see how other librarians hire and train student assistants, but also how they field problems, concerns, and triumphs running their CMCs.

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