Friday, May 11, 2007

DLIG Workshop

The DLIG, ALAO's Distance Learning Interest Group, Spring Workshop "Distance Learning and Libraries: Generational Techniques and Emerging Technologies" is scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2007, from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm at the Cedar Point Center, BGSU-Firelands Campus.

Workshop Speakers:
  • Georgene Johson, Director of Library Services at Washington State Community College
    What a Difference a Generation Makes: How to maximize performance and job satisfaction for Veterans, Boomers, Gen Xers, and Nexters.
  • Brian Gray, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics Librarian, Case Western Reserve University
    Second Life is a 3-D virtual world that is built by the participants rather than a handful of paid programmers. Organizations have tapped this virtual environment to offer classes, conduct research, collaborate on projects, and offer an alternative to traveling to traditional meetings or conferences.
  • Dr. Deanna Romano, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology, Ashland University
    WebConferencing enables instructors to deliver that personal touch of sharing the relationship between concepts and practice with voice, video and personalities. This presentation will discuss the use of WebConferencing and the various tools available.

For more information, visit the DLIG Workshop page.

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