Monday, May 21, 2007

Learning something new

One of the loosely termed technology blogs I have in my Bloglines account is the Official Google Blog. While more often than not I simply breeze through the entries, on some occasions I find widgets and other interesting blog enhancing ideas I want to try; such as this particular entry. Last Thursday (5/17) an entry titled Oh, the places you'll go ... , detailed using Picasa web albums to make flash slide shows.

It was a pretty easy process, especially since unbeknownst to me I already had a Picasa account set up (its Google related, so all of the photos and clip art from this blog are archived). I uploaded the photos, arranged them in the order I wanted, and added captions. Once I was finished with the process it was a simple matter of selecting "embed slideshow" and making final selections of picture size (I chose large), slide show speed (it's two minutes), and if I wanted the captions to be visible (I did). The whole process took less than 15 minutes; it took me longer to decide what photos to include. I copied the code and placed it here:

Lest I be guilty of self plaigarism, I need to pause here and note that this slide show was originally posted on the CMCIG blog for viewing - CMCIG Workshop: Slide Show. I will be posting particulars concerning the workshop in the next few days. As with previous CMCIG workshops, it was a veritable fount of useful information.

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