Friday, July 13, 2007

Deja pipes and Blogger draft

One blog not in my bloglines account is Blogger Buzz; after all, once logged into to Blogger it displays directly below the dashboard for all asunder to see. There have been recent notices discussing Blogger in Draft and several functions currently in beta format, the not ready for primetime ideas and widgets. Yesterday I noticed two things, the first a search box widget for blogs and the second a mention of Pipes (yes, a Yahoo development on Google-owned Blogger).

Naturally curious about a search box widget I signed in to Blogger Draft with my regular Blogger login and explored. You are able to set tabs that display when the search box is utilized and choose from a list of predetermined links. I chose the "this blog" and "linked from here" options and let the page element choose my link lists. Search results display with a This Blog header, the link list, and the blog posts returned.

The sample search image (left) was for ALAO and returned four posts with an option for more results. In what could be labeled an odd quirk, yesterday searching for alao verses ALAO returned completely different posts; "alao" had no posts, "ALAO" had the most recent four plus. This morning both searches returned the same posts, guess that's why the widget is in draft. As a plus, the search box results display within the blog and may be closed, returning the user to the original blog post. This, I liked.

I have already added the search box on my AU library blogs. It will be a useful tool for users to search for particular books on the collection and book review blog and possibly more so for students using the 131/504 blog to find topics specific to assignments.

Google's recent acquisition
of Feedburner has added a few interesting perks (see More for Free) to existing accounts. In the Attention Feedburner Fans and the Feedburner Integration for Blogspot Blogs posts, both entities are promoting a new service to make feeds work more efficiently.

"... you can now specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed's traffic. This means you'll no longer have some subscribers getting your Blogger-hosted feed while others get your FeedBurner feed, and your subscriber count should (as a result) be more accurate." (Blogger Buzz, 7/11/07)

Look closely at the post for this note:

"Note: this feature isn't limited to FeedBurner alone - you can use any feed-mashing service (like Pipes) with it." (Blogger Buzz, 7/11/07)

Feed-mashing, another new term.

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