Thursday, August 30, 2007

Librarian laughter

From Brad Barker, at the Modesto Bee, via Michael Rogers at LJ Insider, (just following the path for blogging provenance) comes this article: Mr. Library Man Wants You To Speak Up and Ask Questions.

"You know the stereotype. Librarians are portrayed as stern, old-fashioned ladies with cat's-eye glasses whose only jollies come from shushing the giggles of children. As an antidote to narrow- minded caricatures, and to perhaps demystify my profession, I offer this (potentially recurring) column -- Ask Mr. Library Man." (Brad Barker, 8/29/07)

One of my favorites? It fits in with, "but you don't look like a librarian."

"Q: Answer me this, Library Man: Do you wear your hair in a bun?"
"A: I used to, but I'm searching for a new image."

And alas, as an academic librarian we generally speak in code about LC. But I can't divulge any secrets for fear of being expelled from the society.

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