Sunday, October 28, 2007

ALAO 2007: Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Betsy Blankenship, head librarian/director of Marion Campus Library, Ohio State University at Marion/Marion Technical College, winner of the 2007 Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award. Presented by the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO), this award is ALAO's top honor:

"This award is designed to recognize those ALAO members who promote academic libraries and librarianship not only on their own campuses, but within the state. It also recognizes those who provide leadership in the promotion of ALAO through service such as committee membership, executive board office, or interest group chairmanship." (ALAO Website)

I would also include my personal addendum to this award; Betsy's leadership capabilities are not limited to the promotion of academic libraries in general, she has been a gracious mentor to many new librarians. Several years ago, Betsy was the first person to welcome me as a new CMCIG chair and board member at an ALAO board meeting. She answered my endless questions about the organization and my duties with quiet competency, making me feel at home in this new librarianship venture.

Though not on the ALAO board this year, Betsy continues to embrace challenges in the library profession and ways to promote librarianship. Camera in hand, she enthusiastically supported her library staff in their professional endeavor, presenting poster sessions at ALAO. Though not completely comfortable with the idea, she was quick to say "yes" when asked to venture into this technology endeavor; joining Library Cloud as a contributor (it only took a slight bit of arm twisting).

Congratulations again Betsy!

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Karen Plummer said...

I said it at the conference and I'll say it again... this award could not go to a more deserving person. At my first leadership retreat, Betsy made me feel welcome and comfortable instead of overwhelmed. I have served on the board or on conference planning committees with Betsy for many years and her commitment to academic librarianship, her sense of humor, and her thoughtfulness have inspired me. She's a person you can always count on for ideas, empathy, and chocolate. I am proud to count Betsy as a friend and colleague. Congratulations Betsy!