Friday, December 07, 2007

Library as a place

Today is the last day of classes at Ashland University, finals start with a flourish on Monday and students are to be out of the dorms soon after. Things will slow for a time as everyone prepares to celebrate the season. This week also features a library tradition, a holiday open house.

During all of the hustle and bustle surrounding projects and finals and extended library hours, AU library presents a holiday open house to the university community. Filled with home made treats, as well as a lighter fare for those watching their calories, and Christmas music, we gather to celebrate the season. This year our open house event was held Wednesday, December 5th, during the first significant snow fall of the season.

Lucky for us, the snow and cold temperatures did not deter attendees; we hosted between 250 and 300 members of the AU campus community. Open house ambiance was enhanced pianist Ron Sprunger, Professor Emeritus of Music Education, and the Ashland University Chamber Singers. One of the nicest things about this event is the appreciation expressed by all who take part. From shared fellowship to shared cookie recipes, the open house is something people look forward to each year. It is one more aspect of the library as a vital place within the campus community.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the Ashland University Holiday e-card.

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