Saturday, February 09, 2008

Internet Typology Test

The last two weeks I have been immersed in technology, working with another librarian to investigate providing IM/Chat project for the new library web site. As we wait for the final template to arrive from the University Web Master, she is personalizing the existing template it for library use, this project has taken on a life of its own. We are chatting amongst ourselves (and sometimes with other Library Cloud members), playing to learn, having conference chats, checking out the test widget, and overall simply becoming familiar with the technology before moving on towards such issues as IM/chat hours, availability, policy, and privacy for patrons (a reason we picked Meebo, but that is another post). That said, technology, and how it could be incorporated into the new library web site, has been on my mind and I was interested to learn a new typology quiz from Pew was available.

A post yesterday on Library Garden, Friday Fun: Test Your Technology Type, directs readers to a PEW Internet and American Life Project poll prompting interested browsers to find out "What kind of information technology user are you?" Take the Internet Typology Test to find out:

Where Do You Fit?
Do you cringe when your cell phone rings? Do you suffer from withdrawal when you can't check your Blackberry? Do you rush to post your vacation video to your Web site? The questions below allow you to place yourself in one of the categories in the Pew Internet Project's Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users. To identify the typology group to which you belong, please answer the questions below. When you press the 'Calculate My Results' button, a new page will tell you in which group you fit, along with a description of the general characteristics of that group. - Pew Internet
I was curious to see if my answers to this quiz had varied any from the last time I fell prey to it's siren's call. When? Walt at Random posted May 7, 2007, Lackluster veteran: Bias, much?, discussing the same typology quiz. Checking the comments on his post, I was able to note last year I was an Omnivore.

This year, I am a Connector (my dislike of cell phones an undoubted downfall). Seems I am part of a group that makes up 7% of the population with a median age of 38, have typically been online for 9 years, and is made up of mostly women (55%). Honestly, looking at the descriptions I am more comfortable being a connector than the previously noted omnivore. What are you?

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Betsy said...

I'm a connector, too!