Friday, March 28, 2008

Thinking Outside the Book

I received an email yesterday from Carol Smallwood, editor of Thinking Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians, with the information McFarland has given this book a tentative release date of June/July 2008. The reason this title is of particular interest to me is I contributed two essays to the book.

Below is the book description from the publisher:
"Professionals in all areas of librarianship will find inspiration in the essays collected here—each of them innovative tips for increasing circulation, enhancing collections, and improving flexibility. With extensive experience in the nation’s top libraries and media centers, the 73 contributors describe what really works based on their real-world experiences."

"Organized by subject, the essays offer succinct and practical guidelines for dozens of tasks. Topics include preparing and delivering distinctive presentations; forming a successful grant proposal; creating a traveling multimedia exhibition; organizing effective community partnerships; writing blogs; hosting authors; creating cybertorials; and preserving local culture." - McFarland Publishing
More information, including early reviews and a table of contents, are located on the McFarland web site. Promotional materials have been sent to various contributors for conferences and contributors have been offered materials for marketing, hence this blog post.

My essays? They are included in Chapter IV, The Internet (Outreach & Information: Blogs in the academic Library) and Chapter VI, Hosting Library Events (The Art of the Picture Book Conference: Partnership Beyond Library Walls). I am very excited about this opportunity and will undoubtedly be showing my copy of the book to all asunder.

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