Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Call for Submissions: JILLDDER

Call for papers/articles: JILLDDER

The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserves (JILLDDER) is seeking article submissions for several themed issues. An upcoming issue will feature small and medium size academic Library’s highlighting the challenges faced as these institutions manage their systems, provide services of electronic reserves and interlibrary loan to their academic community, and handle daily operations with minimal staff.

Suggested topics to consider:

Electronic Reserves and/or Electronic Resource Management Systems
  • Does your library already utilize an electronic reserve system?
  • What specific challenges do you face?
  • What type of reserves system does you library use? Pros? Cons?
  • Does your library have a dedicated reserves person, or is it handled via committee?
  • How does your library handle reluctant users?

Interlibrary loan: Multitasking and managing ILL systems without dedicated staff

  • Are you using electronic, paper, or a combination of both to fulfill ILL requests? How does the system work within the confines of your department?
  • How does your library handle ILL? Is there a dedicated ILL position?
  • How has your ILL position changed within the last five years?
  • What issues do you face that a larger library takes for granted? Staff, time, quantity of reserves?
  • Have you seen the development of any particular trends in ILL over the last few years?

Incorporating Electronic Reserves into Course Management

  • Is your Electronic reserves system incorporated into course management software such as Angel or WebCT?
  • Does you library reserves system have a place in the campus system?
  • How has the influx of 2.0 technologies changed your library’s presence in your university’s course management system?

Other: Additional topic suggestions pertaining to this special issue are welcome.

Articles should be from eight (8) to thirty (30) pages in length, double-spaced, and follow Haworth Press’s author guidelines. All articles are submitted to JILLDDER are subject to peer review. At this time, a final submission deadline is slated for July 2008.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions,

Diane Schrecker
JILLDDER Editorial Intern

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