Friday, April 18, 2008

Copyright Wars

I just read about the lawsuit filed by four publishers against Georgia State University regarding violation of copyright with electronic materials. It appears to becoming more prominent in regards to universities, libraries and electronic access. Ohio State University Libraries has been taking great pains to follow appropriate steps to ensure only authorized access to any materials placed on reserve. The materials are now placed within our course management system and is clearly labelled as to when the access will end. Copyright permissions are sought before material is placed on reserve. I find that faculty and other administrators still may not understand the ramifications of placing links of course syllabi or just posting them and thus creating a potential problem. I am trying to educate my faculty as to why it is important that the library place materials on reserve for them or that they be sure to get copyright permission for anything they may copy or put on reserve in general. See a copy of the complaint and a press release of support at the Association of American University Presses website. See story in upper left corner of page and links to press release and complaint filed. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit progresses.

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