Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Anniversary, OhioLINK!

I received the latest copy of OhioLINK's Snapshot, their annual report. In it, there are many interesting items about what OhioLINK has accomplished in the last 15 years. It has provided and continues to provide:
  • an affordable approach to expanded information access
  • quality teaching and learning research resources
  • assisting students and faculty in finding and accessing scholarly information 24/7
  • enabling world-class research with rich information resources
  • helping scholarly communities share and discover research materials
  • increasing information access with anytime, anywhere delivery
  • anytime, anywhere access
  • KEEPING IT AFFORDABLE for libraries and insitutions in the State of Ohio

The future plans have all the member libraries looking at ways to reinvent OhioLINK, to provide for a fresh new vision for the coming years, especially in light of Gov. Strickland's University System of Ohio and his 10-year Higher Education strategic plan.

Ohio should be proud of OhioLINK and what it has given to Ohio colleges and universities over the last 15 years. Changes and evolution was certainly a given as new resources, new technologies and new services were developed. I know Ohio librarians are proud to say that they are a part of the OhioLINK consortium and when it is mentioned, respect from other librarians is evident. OhioLINK is a model of collaboration and cooperation among library systems and even within our State government and Board of Regents

I know that our students and faculty receive a much higher caliber of resources and access than was possible when I was an undergraduate in 80's. I only wish OhioLINK had been around then. I would have had fun searching the on-line catalog, much like I did the stacks.

I wish you OhioLINK, a very Happy 15th Anniversary and I look forward to the next 15 years, to see what we can develop and implement together!

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