Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hard to Say Goodbye

In our profession, colleagues come and go on a regular basis - through new jobs, relocation of family members, retirement, death, etc. New librarians come and stay for awhile and then move on for better positions, new challenges, better pay - a whole host of reasons. I am fortunate to have worked in the same place for the past 20 years and was able to move up the ladder to become director. That is certainly not easy to accomplish at many libraries. In my time, I have gotten to work with lots of wonderful colleagues across Ohio and am fortunate to call many of them my friends, including my own staff. I have learned numerous things from them and have been able to grow into a better librarian and person because of that.

That's why it is so hard to say goodbye to one when he/she leaves. I have become attached on several levels, professionally, collaboratively, socially, and emotionally. I never want them to leave my circle. But leave they do - I am always happy when they move to a new job with more advancement opportunities or new challenges. I know that they are up for the challenge because I have worked with them on a committee or intereacted with them professionally and I know what they are capable of. Plus, I am a darn good reference and most of the time, they get their job!

Nevertheless, it is the nature of our profession to want to grow and develop and serve our patrons in different ways. Sometimes that means having to move on to do so. I have seen many Ohio librarians move from our state; and our loss is certainly someone else's gain. Ohio has many fine library folks both as librarians and staff. All are important to the work of the library and I hate to see them leave us for any reason.

I wish those who move on well; Kevin, I will miss you at Denison and I am sure that Tulane is very happy to be getting the benefit of your Ohio experiences!! Take care and represent us well! Don, have fun working for NASA! Remember all the good things we taught you at OSU!!! Doris, enjoy your retirement, you certainly deserve it!!!

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