Thursday, April 03, 2008

Something to think about ...

From Tame the Web via Flickr, ML Experience, and lastly Biocultural Science and Management (*please see comment from mpb; by "lastly" I meant it was the original source but failed to make that clear - apologies).

This seems to be rather widespread on the web. On Flickr, to which I now have an account because it is a Yahoo product and I used Yahoo IM for research while working with our library's Meebo project, a quick search of "50 reasons" revealed (among other things) four people on the first page who have uploaded this image. Regardless, it is an interesting compilation of reasons most of us have used (be honest), thought (on the inside), or heard (with frustration) in some form or fashion personally or professionally.

Should these be reasons ... or excuses?

Updated: 4-4-08

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mpb said...

The initial post is actually mine but sometimes people forget (or plain old steal) to link a thumbnail back to the original image (which can then be downloaded for printing; see the non-commercial license) or to the site itself. People can then trace the origin back to New Mexico (or find out more about other things I do.)

I suggest the following coding so folks can get the correct image.

<a href="" title="50 reasons not to change source"><img src="> click to see original</a>

small image of 50 reasons

<p><a href=""></a>from MP Bumsted, Biocultural Science & Management</p>