Monday, May 19, 2008

Blog management or blog cheating?

Have you done it? Be honest; have you utilized Blogger's Post Options and either changed the date and time on a post or scheduled a post to publish at a later date?

I admit my initial reaction to this perk was negative. After all, was I not using a blog's journal format to compile and share information in a timely manner? Part of the beauty of a blog is it's instant placing of newest items first; keeping things in an honest, chronological order as opposed to an arbitrary order of importance. If I started scheduling my post publications, was it not counterproductive to the blog's over-all purpose?

The idea sat in the back of my mind, taunting me with possibilities. Next week I am on vacation. Instead of having a week without posting on the IRC blog, what if I scheduled a post or two a day this week while I have the time? Instead of seven entries on one day, the number of juvenile book categories waiting to be posted, what if I did three today, two tomorrow, and scheduled two more for Friday when I am at the CMCIG workshop.

Possibilities are inherently endless. With vacation near, I can post the IRC hours update anytime I want and schedule it to publish Monday morning. I can post reminders for the holiday weekend hours and publish when I want! I can prepare posts on anything I want, wait for someone else to post, and then schedule publishing so my posts are more recent than my blogging buddies ....

With a few planned exceptions, such as hour's updates and a few specific informational posts, I think I will stick with the traditional blogging format and feel secure that I can finesse things if needed and when appropriate.

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