Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ALA Conference bound

Like many other librarians attending ALA Annual, I am scheduled to leave tomorrow. My journey begins early morning at the American Airlines gate, Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio; I am bound for Anaheim, California via Chicago's O'Hare Airport. My departure time has fluctuated during the last week and to that point I have scheduled cell phone alerts with the airlines and text alerts with ALA.

For the first time I have not scheduled myself with a massive amount of activities, I want to try "winging it" with sessions upon arrival at the conference venue. I have obligations on Friday with Libraries Build Communities, will be working with the EBSS program committee on Saturday for the Knowledge Wants to Be Known: Open Access for the Behavioral Sciences session (a scheduled reminder post will appear here tomorrow), a lunch meeting on Sunday, and naturally time to visit the stacks, but beyond that look forward to perusing my program for sessions on children's literature, technology, academic libraries, and anything else that might catch my attention professionally.

I am traveling blissfully unencumbered by technology and do not know that I will actually take time to blog from ALA, so I have not added the blogger badge here. If there is opportunity, who knows? I need to load my MP3 with new tunes, pack my in-flight reading material, Fearless Fourteen, and put fresh batteries and new memory card in my camera. California, here I come.

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