Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ALAO on Facebook!

Hot off the press from the ALAO Leadership Retreat; ALAO now has a Facebook page, Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO). Administered by ALAO Communications editor Lindsay Midkiff-Miller, it features ALAO information, news, photos, discussion board, and is open to anyone interested in joining to talk about academic libraries. A nice supplement to the ALAO Newsletter and ALAO News blog, it will definitely appeal to younger librarians.

Probably one of a dwindling number of people without a Facebook profile, I'm old and anti-social (*smile*), this morning I ventured forth and created an account (check out my Facebook badge, yes another widget). I struggled with "how much is too much information" and settled upon entering mostly professional information with a bit of my Pittsburgh sports mania thrown in for good measure. It was not difficult to set up the account and create my profile, as usual I was intrigued by the concept of adding a badge to the blog, joining groups, and wondering if I had time to search for friends from the ALAO page. Today I joined my first group, ALAO, and thanks to Rob Withers attending day two of the ALAO leadership retreat today, I also have a friend.

Visit ALAO on Facebook, view recently added photos from the leadership retreat, follow a link to the current ALAO Newsletter, join in the current discussion topic "What would you like to see on the ALAO Facebook Page?", post your comments to the wall, and make a new friend.

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