Tuesday, June 17, 2008

READ posters abound

I've been mulling over trying to see how my small staff might be able to create some local READ posters for our campus for some time now. The CDs have been gathering dust in my desk for too long! Personally, I think they are neat and have great outreach appeal, especially for small schools. I can see three distinct ways to use them: on campus among the students and faculty, using students (scholars and/or athletes) to give back by creating one of them and allowing them to give them to their home schools and finally, out in the community, featuring local celebrities or government officials with their favorite reads. Many libraries have already been doing such things.

Wow! What a great way to involve a whole community in the simple act of reading!

I just received in the mail today two READ posters from the State Library of Ohio. The featured persons are none other than our Governor, Ted Strickland, and his wife, Frances. How nifty and how generous that they sent a set to all libraries in Ohio! Check out the posters.

We are considering experimenting in developing one as part of our Constitution Day activities. Might be interesting. If only I knew Adobe Photoshop ........

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Sara Klink said...

The public library I worked at in the past just made one of their own READ posters as well. I have to say it was fun to see staff on the poster! Looked very nice!